Products and Services
SISEMI provide discrete device wafer foundry services:

OEM service

SISEMI's 5 inch and 6 inch fabs, technology development roadmap
Provide platform of manufacturing and process services
Bipolar transistor manufacturing techniqu: Provide 3um line width Bipolar process, product working voltage 200V-1200V, optional SIPOS process;
Schottky manufacturing technique:Can provide 4um line width planar Schottky process, product working voltage 40V-200V, a variety of barrier metal processes can be selected;
VD MOS manufacturing technique:0.8um line width planar VDMOS process, product working voltage 100V-1000V;
CMOS manufacturing technique:0.6um line width CMOS process;
Diode manufacturing technique:1200V irradiated FRD, flat TVS and other diodes;